Mountains of cardboard diverted from landfill

Posted on 18 Aug, 2021

Staff at the Regional Waste Management Facility are wiping their brows after processing a whopping 300 tonnes of cardboard for recycling last financial year.

Recy­cling Oper­a­tor, Chris­t­ian Mac­Nab, is the man respon­si­ble for sort­ing and pro­cess­ing most of that card­board. He said each bail of card­board weighs around 400kg.

We turn a good chunk of card­board into one bail,” he said.

The card­board goes into the machine which com­press­es it and ties it into a bundle.

The bails are picked up by truck and tak­en to Ade­laide for recycling.”

Mr Mac­Nab is hop­ing to process even more card­board for recy­cling this finan­cial year, so his mes­sage to the pub­lic is to just keep it coming”.

Every lit­tle bit of recy­cling we can do helps,” he said.

Tips for card­board recy­cling at the Region­al Waste Man­age­ment Facility:

  • NO mate­ri­als oth­er than cardboard
  • NO greasy card­board (e.g. piz­za or take­away boxes)
  • NO card­board that’s weath­ered from being out­side too long
  • DO flat­ten your card­board before drop­ping it off

In addi­tion to card­board, you can also bring the fol­low­ing items to the Region­al Waste Man­age­ment Facil­i­ty for recycling:

  • Steel cans
  • HDPE 2 plastics
  • Glass
  • Drink con­tain­ers

The Region­al Waste Man­age­ment Facil­i­ty is locat­ed at 80 Com­mon­age Rd, Ilparpa. You can find more infor­ma­tion about the facil­i­ty here.