Animal Management


Snake­phone hotline:

+61 407 983 276


If you see or sus­pect a snake is in your home, work­place or near vicin­i­ty, call the Alice Springs Rep­tile Cen­tre Snake­phone on +61 407 983 2767 days per week.

If your call is answered by an answer­ing machine, leave your name and num­ber and the Cen­tre will ring you straight back – they are prob­a­bly answer­ing anoth­er call.

What to do if you see a snake?

  1. Stay at least 10 metres away from the snake
  2. Ring the Snake­phone: 0407 983 276
  3. Watch the snake so you know where it is when Rep­tile Cen­tre staff arrive

Snake aware­ness tips

  • Snakes love going for a swim, so check your pool and skim­mer box before jump­ing in.
  • Snakes are also attract­ed to bird aviaries which attract mice. Cement or pave the bot­tom of the aviary and keep it as clean as possible.
  • Snakes love rub­bish and over­grown areas. Try and keep bits and pieces off the ground. Keep the yard tidy, remove excess leaves and mow the grass.
  • To stop snakes from com­ing into the house, attach weath­er strips to the bot­tom of doors and keep slid­ing doors closed or close the mesh door.