Waste & Recycling


There are many things that can be recy­cled in Alice Springs at the Region­al Waste Man­age­ment Facil­i­ty on Com­mon­age Road, as well as at oth­er busi­ness­es in Alice Springs. The Region­al Waste Man­age­ment Facil­i­ty offers FREE recy­cling for a num­ber of recy­clables such as glass bot­tles and jars, green­waste, steel cans, and alu­mini­um cans.

To ensure that items get prop­er­ly recy­cled, we urge res­i­dents to sep­a­rate their waste as much as pos­si­ble pri­or to enter­ing the facil­i­ty. This ensures that every­thing placed in the recy­cling skips will be recy­cled prop­er­ly. Sep­a­rat­ing waste accord­ing to mate­r­i­al type can also save mon­ey as some sin­gle-stream items (such as glass) can be recy­cled for FREE. Check out the updat­ed Recy­cling Direc­to­ry below to find out more about recy­cling in Alice Springs.


Res­i­dents can now take card­board to the Region­al Waste Man­age­ment Facil­i­ty for FREE, pro­vid­ing they are clean and sep­a­rat­ed by type. Find out more:

Cash for Containers

A cash for con­tain­ers’ scheme oper­ates in the NT in addi­tion to Coun­cil offer­ing a 10c refund for wine and spir­it bottles.

Con­struc­tion and Demolition

Find out more about recy­cling of con­struc­tion and demo­li­tion waste and ways to reduce costs when tak­ing cer­tain mate­ri­als to the landfill

Elec­tron­ic waste (eWaste)

Alice Springs Town Coun­cil offers free elec­tron­ic waste (eWaste) drop-off every day at the Region­al Waste Man­age­ment Facil­i­ty. Res­i­dents can respon­si­bly recy­cle their unwant­ed tech such as tele­vi­sions, CD/DVD dri­ves, com­put­er screens, print­ers and hard dri­ves at the trans­fer sta­tion. Please place items in the blue cages as marked. Large eWaste items may incur a fee. Max­i­mum of 5 items per person.

Please note, eWaste does not refer to any oth­er elec­tri­cal goods (e.g. kitchen appli­ances, DVD/CD play­ers) or white­goods. If uncer­tain about your eWaste items, please call the Region­al Waste Man­age­ment Facil­i­ty on 8950 4340.


Res­i­dents can take green­waste to the Region­al Waste Man­age­ment Facil­i­ty for FREE. Find out more:

Haz­ardous Waste Compound

House­hold chem­i­cals that CAN­NOT go in your wheel­ie-bin can be dropped off at the Haz­ardous Waste Com­pound.
For a com­pre­hen­sive list­ing of what can and can­not be tak­en please view the fact sheet below.

HDPE 2 plastics

Res­i­dents can drop High-Den­si­ty Poly­eth­yl­ene 2 (HDPE 2) plas­tics at the RWMF for recy­cling for free, just look for the bin with the orange sign. Please ensure lids have been removed from bot­tles and con­tain­ers. Some com­mon exam­ples for these plas­tics are:

  • Milk, water and juice bottles
  • Sham­poo, soap and con­di­tion­er bottles
  • House­hold cleaners
  • Kids toys
  • Plas­tic wood composites

White Goods

Res­i­dents can avoid pay­ing a fee for drop­ping off their unwant­ed white goods at the RWMF on the FIRST SAT­UR­DAY of every month! Please ensure all white goods are emp­ty and clean before drop-off – only 1 item per per­son, per day.