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Parking & Roads

Which roads are Coun­cil’s and which are the North­ern Ter­ri­to­ry Government’s?

Roads which are under the juris­dic­tion of the North­ern Ter­ri­to­ry Gov­ern­ment with­in the munic­i­pal­i­ty of Alice Springs include (but not lim­it­ed to):

  • Stu­art Highway
  • Lara­p­in­ta Drive
  • Undoolya Road
  • Ross High­way
  • Sadadeen Road
  • Stephens Road
  • Stott Ter­race

If you have queries about any work done or changes made to the above roads, please con­tact the North­ern Ter­ri­to­ry Government.


For infor­ma­tion on park­ing per­mit please con­tact Coun­cil Rangers on 8950 0500. You can also call the Rangers regard­ing infor­ma­tion on aban­doned vehi­cles, park­ing infringe­ments, infringe­ment appeals, park­ing restric­tions, heavy/​long vehi­cle park­ing and more.


Once a year Coun­cil does a re-seal pro­gram of roads in most need of rejuvenation.

The num­ber of roads reju­ve­nat­ed is sub­ject to funding.

Traf­fic management

Please con­tact Coun­cil with queries about per­mits regard­ing work with­in the road reserve (08) 8950 0500.

Main­te­nance programs

Coun­cil main­tains shoul­ders on rur­al roads, grades unsealed roads and fix­es foot­paths in the munic­i­pal­i­ty as required.

The cur­rent foot­path pro­gram is as fol­lows. Please note that this pro­gram is sub­ject to change.

Foot­path Pro­gram 2016 – 17

Street Length (m) Description Suburb
Adamson Ave  220  Flynn to Spencer  Gillen 
Memorial Ave  350  Larapinta to Memorial Cemetery  Gillen 
Mueller St  375  Sturt to Goyder St  Eastside 
Driver Ct  243  Dixon to end  Northside 
Andrews Ct  171  Aldija to end of court  Northside 
Mcrae Ct  117  Aldija to end of court  Northside 

Foot­path Pro­gram 2017 – 18

Street Length (m) Description Suburb
Dixon Rd  40  Missing Sec Between Head and Anguna  Northside 
Durida Ct  84  Aldija to end of court  Northside 
Tunga Ct  135  Timbira Ct  Northside 
Erija St  145    Northside 
Rosenbaum St  156  Memorial to Roberts  Gillen 
Rosenbaum St  95  Roberts to Milner  Gillen 
Adamson Ave  77  Spencer to Underdown  Gillen 
Adamson Ave  175  Underdown to Johannsen  Gillen 
Adamson Ave  85  Johannsen to Memorial  Gillen 
Ewart Ct  115  Ashwin to end of court  Gillen 
Lewis St  376  Ashwin to Pedler  Gillen 

Foot­path Pro­gram 2018 – 19

Street Length (m) Description Suburb
Allchurch  246  Clara to Ballingall  Gillen 
Lulba Ct  77  Aldija to end of court  Northside 
Kenna  151  Bougaut Ct to Kenna end  Gillen 
Kirk  121  Ashwin to end of court  Gillen 
Sunset Ct  76  Western End  Gap 
Sunset Ct  55  Eastern End  Gillen 
Milner Rd  165  Larapinta to Wilkinson  Gillen 
Milner Rd  116  Wilkinso to Elder  Gillen 
Milner Rd  117  Elder to Kidman  Gillen