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OpenĀ­ing Hours:

š— š—¼š—»š—±š—®š˜† š˜š—¼ š—™š—暝—¶š—±š—®š˜†, 10am ā€“ 6pm

š—¦š—®š˜š˜‚š—暝—±š—®š˜† & š—¦š˜‚š—»š—±š—®š˜†, 10am ā€“ 1pm

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For enquiries, call (08) 8950 0555 or email library@ā€‹astc.ā€‹nt.ā€‹gov.ā€‹au

Do you have pre-loved books you no longer want?

The Library does not accept pre-loved books of any kind, unless they are hisĀ­torĀ­iĀ­cal books sigĀ­nifĀ­iĀ­cant to CenĀ­tral Australia. 

The BEST place to disĀ­pose of all your no-longer wantĀ­ed books, DVDs, CDs etc. is CounĀ­cilā€™s RedisĀ­covĀ­ery CenĀ­tre on ComĀ­monĀ­age Road (at the RegionĀ­al Waste Mgmt. FacilĀ­iĀ­ty) or any secĀ­ond hand shop in Alice Springs.

VolĀ­unĀ­teerĀ­ing at the Library

ā€œIf our hopes of buildĀ­ing a betĀ­ter and safer world are to become more than wishĀ­ful thinkĀ­ing, we will need the engageĀ­ment of volĀ­unĀ­teers more than ever.ā€ ā€” Kofi Annan

The Library has two proĀ­grams which rely on the genĀ­erosĀ­iĀ­ty of volunteers:

  • Read.Write.Chat (Adult literacy/ā€‹language tutoring)
  • Books on Wheels (Home delivĀ­erĀ­ies for mobilĀ­iĀ­Ā­ty-limĀ­itĀ­ed members)ā€

If you would like to be involved in our volĀ­unĀ­teer proĀ­gram, please comĀ­plete the VolĀ­unĀ­teer RegĀ­isĀ­traĀ­tion Form and weā€™ll be in conĀ­tact when a role opens up for you. 

AlterĀ­naĀ­tiveĀ­ly, you can conĀ­tact the library between 10am-6pm MonĀ­day to FriĀ­day on 8950 0555 or library@ā€‹astc.ā€‹nt.ā€‹gov.ā€‹au with any quesĀ­tions you might have. 

DonaĀ­tions & Bequests

Libraries are a vital part of any comĀ­muĀ­niĀ­ty by offerĀ­ing a range of free serĀ­vices and programs.

If you love libraries and books as much as we do, you can make a finanĀ­cial donaĀ­tion directĀ­ly to your library!

DonaĀ­tions are used for proĀ­grams that supĀ­port litĀ­erĀ­aĀ­cy and inforĀ­maĀ­tion, recreĀ­ation, eduĀ­caĀ­tion and lifeĀ­long learnĀ­ing, as well as develĀ­opĀ­ing and nurĀ­turĀ­ing a lifeĀ­long love of reading.

Your supĀ­port allows your library to reach, creĀ­ate, engage, teach, inspire and fosĀ­ter recreĀ­ation and eduĀ­caĀ­tion throughĀ­out the Alice Springs community.

Your donaĀ­tion could support:

  • New books, CDs and DVDs
  • Fun activĀ­iĀ­ties, and relatĀ­ed mateĀ­riĀ­als, for children
  • EduĀ­caĀ­tionĀ­al trainĀ­ing for adults
  • SupĀ­port for vulĀ­nerĀ­aĀ­ble groups
  • CulĀ­turĀ­alĀ­ly diverse events

    Alice Springs PubĀ­lic Library is endorsed by the AusĀ­tralian TaxĀ­aĀ­tion Office as a Deductible Gift Recipient.

    Gifts may be cash or bequests, and donaĀ­tions in excess of $2 are tax deductible. GST is not applicĀ­aĀ­ble on these donations.

    We thank you for your generosity.

    How to Make a Donation

    Cheques to be made payable to Alice Springs PubĀ­lic Library and forĀ­wardĀ­ed to PO Box 1071, Alice Springs NT 0871.

    Upon your cheque clearĀ­ing, a receipt will be issued to enable you to claim a tax deduction.

    Library Loversā€™ HonĀ­our Board

    Donors who gift $300 or more can choose to have their name added to our Library Loversā€™ HonĀ­our Board, proudĀ­ly disĀ­played in the Library.