Waste & Recycling

Chemical Disposal Centre

Stor­ing chem­i­cals around your home, such as under your kitchen sink or in the back­yard shed, increas­es the risk of poi­son­ing in your home. Dis­pos­ing of chem­i­cals in your wheel­ie-bin to be sent to land­fill or even pour­ing small amounts down drains can pol­lute creeks and rivers, harm­ing plants and ani­mals. For these rea­sons, there is a Chem­cial Waste Dis­pos­al Cen­tre at the Region­al Waste Man­age­ment Facil­i­ty. The Chem­i­cal Dis­pos­al Cen­tre Fact­sheet is avail­able here.

Open­ing Hours

Open 7 days a week, 8am-4pm. House­hold chem­i­cals that CAN­NOT go in your wheel­ie-bin should be dropped off at the Chem­i­cal Dis­pos­al Centre.

What can I drop off?

  • Dry paint
  • Clean­ers
  • Pes­ti­cides
  • Her­bi­cides
  • Fungi­cides
  • Insec­ti­cides
  • Moth­balls
  • Fer­tilis­ers
  • Auto­mo­tive oils
  • Car bat­ter­ies

What can’t I drop off?

Con­tain­ers larg­er than 5 litres.

Chem­i­cal dis­pos­al conditions

  • Please report to weigh­bridge staff before drop­ping off any haz­ardous chemicals/​materials.
  • Drop chem­i­cal or haz­ardous waste off at Chem­i­cal drop-off.
  • Do not drop off chem­i­cals at the Trans­fer Station.
  • No open or bro­ken chem­i­cal con­tain­ers will be accepted.
  • Only clean emp­ty chem­i­cal con­tain­ers will be accepted.
  • Use only orig­i­nal con­tain­ers when dis­pos­ing of chem­i­cal and haz­ardous products.
  • Plas­tic or oth­er gener­ic con­tain­ers will not be accepted.
  • No con­tain­er larg­er than five (5) litres will be accepted.
  • The max­i­mum quan­ti­ty to be received is 20 litres (45L containers).
  • Only res­i­den­tial haz­ardous waste will be accepted.
  • Busi­ness chem­i­cal waste or large quan­ti­ties of con­tain­ers will not be accepted.
  • Oth­er con­di­tions and fees may apply.

Alice Springs Town Coun­cil reserves the right to refuse chem­i­cals or haz­ardous waste.

Can I drop off com­mer­cial, farm or indus­tri­al waste?

No. Clean­away pro­vide a ser­vice for the dis­pos­al of Com­mer­cial and Indus­tri­al chem­i­cals. Coun­cil active­ly sup­ports the Drum Muster and Chem­Clear programs.

What about obso­lete agri­cul­tur­al and vet­eri­nary chemicals?

Reg­is­ter your col­lec­tion with Chem­Clear online or call 1800 008 182.

Can I drop off emp­ty chem­i­cal containers?

Yes. Please book a time to access Council’s Chem­i­cal Dis­pos­al Cen­tre at the Alice Springs Region­al Waste Man­age­ment Facil­i­ty on Com­mon­age Road. Please call 8950 4340, Mon­day-Fri­day, 8:00am — 4:00pm. Fees apply.

How do I safe­ly trans­port chem­i­cals to the Region­al Waste Man­age­ment Facility?

  • Ensure lids are tight­ly sealed.
  • Pack pow­ders and solids securely.
  • Keep cor­ro­sive chem­i­cals, such as bat­tery acid, away from poisons.
  • Keep oxi­dis­ing agents, such as per­ox­ide, away from all oth­er materials.
  • Trav­el with your car win­dows down if car­ry­ing flam­ma­ble or odor­ous materials.