Alice Springs Public Library

Catalogue and Research

OpenĀ­ing Hours:

š— š—¼š—»š—±š—®š˜† š˜š—¼ š—™š—暝—¶š—±š—®š˜† ā€“ 10am ā€“ 6pm

š—¦š—®š˜š˜‚š—暝—±š—®š˜† & š—¦š˜‚š—»š—±š—®š˜† ā€“ 10am ā€“ 1pm

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Library CatĀ­aĀ­logue

Our online catĀ­aĀ­logue lets you search thouĀ­sands of lendĀ­ing and not-for-loan items in the Alice Springs PubĀ­lic Library Collection. 

SearchĀ­es can be conĀ­ductĀ­ed localĀ­ly or TerĀ­riĀ­toĀ­ry-wide via the NT Libraries NetĀ­work collection.

RefĀ­erĀ­ence services

Are you researchĀ­ing or lookĀ­ing for inforĀ­maĀ­tion on someĀ­thing parĀ­ticĀ­uĀ­lar? Would you like some help to find the inforĀ­maĀ­tion you need?

The library has a RefĀ­erĀ­ence LibrarĀ­iĀ­an who can help you find what youā€™re lookĀ­ing for. 

Requests can be emailed to library@ā€‹astc.ā€‹nt.ā€‹gov.ā€‹au

Alice Springs SpeĀ­cial Collection

The Alice Springs ColĀ­lecĀ­tion is a speĀ­cial colĀ­lecĀ­tion of mateĀ­riĀ­als which relate to the hisĀ­torĀ­iĀ­cal, sciĀ­enĀ­tifĀ­ic and culĀ­turĀ­al herĀ­itage of CenĀ­tral AusĀ­tralia. It is a refĀ­erĀ­ence colĀ­lecĀ­tion and items are not availĀ­able for loan but can be viewed in the Library durĀ­ing regĀ­uĀ­lar openĀ­ing hours. 

The Alice Springs ColĀ­lecĀ­tion also has a sigĀ­nifĀ­iĀ­cant digĀ­iĀ­tal colĀ­lecĀ­tion and holds ediĀ­tions of the CenĀ­tralian AdvoĀ­cate, from 1947ā€‰ā€“ā€‰2015, in PDF forĀ­mat and over 6000 images, most of which are from the CenĀ­tral AusĀ­tralian HisĀ­torĀ­iĀ­cal Images ColĀ­lecĀ­tion, on an intranet sysĀ­tem availĀ­able on comĀ­putĀ­ers inside the colĀ­lecĀ­tion room.

Are you lookĀ­ing for inforĀ­maĀ­tion on CenĀ­tral AusĀ­tralia? RefĀ­erĀ­ence enquiries can be forĀ­wardĀ­ed to the Library via library@ā€‹astc.ā€‹nt.ā€‹gov.ā€‹au or phone between 8am-6pm Monday-Friday.

Online eLiĀ­brary

Our doors may be temĀ­porarĀ­iĀ­ly shut but our online Libraries are always open!

Your Alice Springs PubĀ­lic Library memĀ­berĀ­ship entiĀ­tles you free access to a wide range of items, includĀ­ing our FREE eLibrary.

Library & Archives NT

LocatĀ­ed at ParĀ­liaĀ­ment House in DarĀ­win, the NorthĀ­ern TerĀ­riĀ­toĀ­ry Library is the preĀ­mier pubĀ­lic research library focused on the hisĀ­toĀ­ry and culĀ­ture of the NorthĀ­ern Territory.

Search over 160,000 titles plus 40,000 elecĀ­tronĀ­ic resources through the catĀ­aĀ­logue, or lose yourĀ­self in the digĀ­iĀ­tal reposĀ­iĀ­toĀ­ry for phoĀ­tographs, digiĀ­tised manĀ­uĀ­scripts and newsĀ­paĀ­pers through TerĀ­riĀ­toĀ­ry Stories.