Alice Springs Public Library


OpenĀ­ing Hours:

š— š—¼š—»š—±š—®š˜† š˜š—¼ š—™š—暝—¶š—±š—®š˜† ā€“ 10am ā€“ 6pm

š—¦š—®š˜š˜‚š—暝—±š—®š˜† & š—¦š˜‚š—»š—±š—®š˜† ā€“ 10am ā€“ 1pm

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Printing at your Library

Printing Prices:

  • A4 single sided B&W ā€“ $0.40 per page
  • A4 single sided COLOUR ā€“ $1.75 per page
  • A3 single sided B&W ā€“ $0.75 per page
  • A3 single sided COLOUR ā€“ $3.50 per page

Please contact the library via or phone 8950 0555 if you have any questions.

Books on Wheels 

Books on Wheels is your Libraryā€™s free delivĀ­ery serĀ­vice caterĀ­ing for Alice Springs resĀ­iĀ­dents who are unable to reach the Library because of frailty, disĀ­abilĀ­iĀ­ty or limĀ­itĀ­ed mobilĀ­iĀ­ty. EliĀ­giĀ­bilĀ­iĀ­ty for the Books on Wheels serĀ­vice is not necĀ­esĀ­sarĀ­iĀ­ly depenĀ­dent on a personā€™s age.

AvailĀ­able for loan

  • Books ā€“ large print or stanĀ­dard print, ficĀ­tion and nonfiction
  • DVDs ā€“ movies, TV series or documentaries
  • AudioĀ­books
  • MagĀ­aĀ­zines
  • Music CDs

An agreed numĀ­ber of items are preĀ­sĀ­eĀ­lectĀ­ed by expeĀ­riĀ­enced library staff and delivĀ­ered fortĀ­nightĀ­ly to your resĀ­iĀ­dence. All memĀ­bers have addiĀ­tionĀ­al access to downĀ­load eBooks, audioĀ­books and magĀ­aĀ­zines from our online library partners.

EliĀ­giĀ­bilĀ­iĀ­ty guidelines

CusĀ­tomers must live in the Alice Springs municĀ­iĀ­palĀ­iĀ­ty and may:

  • Not be able to visĀ­it the library due to:
    • illĀ­ness or disability
    • long recuĀ­perĀ­aĀ­tion periĀ­od at home or in care
    • live in a resĀ­iĀ­denĀ­tial estabĀ­lishĀ­ment such as a nursĀ­ing home, or
    • be able to visĀ­it the library, but too frail to navĀ­iĀ­gate the library or carĀ­ry library items
  • Books on Wheels does not serĀ­vice cusĀ­tomers who are isoĀ­latĀ­ing or in govĀ­ernĀ­ment-imposed lockdown.

ConĀ­tact our Library staff for furĀ­ther details, to disĀ­cuss eliĀ­giĀ­bilĀ­iĀ­ty for the serĀ­vice, or any readĀ­ing interests.

NOTE! This Library SerĀ­vice is conĀ­diĀ­tionĀ­al upon your agreeĀ­ing to our terms and conditions.

To subĀ­mit a REQUEST FOR SERĀ­VICE FORM, please comĀ­plete and email to: library@ā€‹astc.ā€‹nt.ā€‹gov.ā€‹au