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Alice Springs Recycles – National Recycling Week

Posted on 07 Nov, 2016


To mark the start of National Recycling Week, Alice Springs Town Council would like to celebrate the achievement of the Regional Waste Management Facility in increasing the mass of material recycled by the Facility by more than 60%. Council continues to work towards a target of 50% waste being diverted from landfill by the year 2030.

Work towards achieving this goal includes seriously investigating efficient, effective waste management options, including kerbside recycling. During Council’s meeting held Monday 31 October, a decision was taken that “an Expression of Interest be prepared and then distributed to a preferred list of recipients for the staging and operation of the management and collection of both the waste and recycling material generated by the Alice Springs Town Council community.” 

Mayor Damien Ryan has said: “The 2016 Alice Springs Town Council Community Survey showed that kerbside recycling is a priority for a significant part of the community. Council is very interested in finding a responsible way to provide this service to the community.”

Alice Springs Town Council thanks the Alice Springs community for its partnership and dedication in taking strides towards environmental sustainability.


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