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Mayoral Award Winners 2015

Posted on 04 Dec, 2015

 At a ceremony to mark ‘International Day of People with a Disability', Mayor Ryan yesterday announced the winners of the 2015 Mayoral Awards.


The Champion Award - acknowledges a person with or without a disability who has been an advocate for the rights and well-being of people with a disability.  The finalists were:

Beau Thornton, Ian Campbell, Sandra Brown, Peggy Campbell, Mission Australia Personal Helpers and Mentors Service (PhaMs) Program, Mental Health Association of Central Australia (MHACA), and Alice Springs Children’s Development Team, Office of Disability


And the winner is – (joint) Peggy Campbell & Sandra Brown


Peggy Campbell was nominated for her advocacy of disability within the Indigenous community. Originally from Ti Tree, Ms Campbell’s daughter Nanette was born with Down’s Syndrome. Ms Campbell has devoted her life to assisting Nanette to grow into an independent person with dreams of her own. Ms Campbell ensured Nanette participated in community programs including education and art. Ms Campbell is both a fierce defender and a quiet achiever who leads by example for the benefit of people with a disability.


Sandra Brown is the dedicated and hard-working coordinator of Mwerre Anthurre Artists a part of Bindi Enterprises, an organisation which supports people with a disability in the creation of fine art. Ms Brown put in 80 extra hours of work in the lead-up to Desert Mob 2015 to ensure the exhibition Bindi Magic was professional and sales were good. $20,000 of sales were made, 40% of which went directly to the artists. Mwerre Anthurre has earned national and international recognition due in no small part to the commitment and enthusiasm of Ms Brown.


The Noteworthy Award - acknowledges a person with a disability who has made a noteworthy contribution to the community. The finalists were:

Ethan Satour and Sarah Irwin


And the winner is – Ethan Satour


Ethan Satour began as a volunteer with Riding for the Disabled in Alice Springs before developing his skills to become a part-time employee. Mr Satour builds protective and empowering relationships with students of RDA, offering encouragement, emotional support and helping develop goals and aspirations. This year, Mr Satour travelled to Melbourne to compete in the RDA National Championships. With the Alice Springs community supporting him, Mr Satour finished 2nd in the dressage event. Mr Satour is a wonderful 

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