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Constitution statement by group

Posted on 22 Aug, 2011


22 August 2011

 immediate release

A statement on behalf of community group

A group of concerned Centralian’s recently meet to discuss ways to ensure regional and remote NT has a strong voice at the Constitutional Convention to be held inDarwinin 2012.


The group’s spokesmen John Rawnsley said “If we don’t address this issue at the constitutional level then the regions in the Territory will become even more remote.”


The group, consisting of prominentAlice Springscommunity members included Mayor Damien Ryan, Professor Rolf Gerritsen, Former Administrator Ted Egan AO, Aldermen John Rawnsley and Chair of the Chamber of Commerce Julie Ross, set a list of objectives and aims to ensure better constitutional recognition as part of the current Territory Statehood debate.


In March 2012, three representatives from each Territory electorate will be elected to be delegates at the April 2012 a Constitutional Convention inDarwin. 


It is at this convention that a draft Constitution will be set, thereby providing Territorians with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to shape the future of their new state. 


It is the groups’ objective to ensure that the convention debates ways that the regions can be recognised, treated equally and protected. 


“For too long this top heavy approach has meant the regions are disadvantaged, so we are asking for regions to be constitutionally recognised and therefore protected.” Said John Rawnsley.



For further comment please contact John Rawnsley on 0427 066 279.