Aquatic & Leisure Centre

Swimming Lessons

You’re nev­er too young or old to learn to swim! Alice Springs Aquat­ic and Leisure Cen­tre is proud­ly an AUSTSWIM Accred­it­ed Cen­tre which adheres to the high­est stan­dards of teach­ing and devel­op­ment of swim­ming and water safe­ty skills.

Alice Springs Aquat­ic & Leisure Cen­tre is proud to be a Swim and Sur­vive Part­ner, work­ing with Roy­al Life Sav­ing to make com­mu­ni­ties safer around water. As part of our Part­ner­ship, we offer Swim and Sur­vive as our core water safe­ty edu­ca­tion pro­gram for chil­dren. Swim and Sur­vive is a broad bal­anced swim­ming and water safe­ty pro­gram of Roy­al Life Sav­ing that is aligned to the Nation­al Swim­ming and Water Safe­ty Frame­work. Swim and Sur­vive focus­es on swim­ming, per­son­al sur­vival skills, basic res­cue and water safe­ty knowl­edge to pro­vide chil­dren with sol­id foun­da­tion skills to safe­ly enjoy a life­time of aquat­ic recre­ation. Swim and Sur­vive pro­vides a path­way for ongo­ing learn­ing and devel­op­ment and is designed to keep chil­dren engaged, active­ly learn­ing and most impor­tant­ly, hav­ing fun along the way. 

The pro­gram is bro­ken up into 3 stages:

Won­der: A water famil­iari­sa­tion pro­gram for par­ents, car­ers and chil­dren aged from 6 months to 36 months.

Courage: A pro­gram that builds water con­fi­dence for preschool school aged chil­dren between 3 – 5 years. 

Active: A swim­ming and water safe­ty pro­gram for school aged chil­dren between 5 – 14 years.

Upcom­ing Pro­gram Dates 2021

Jan­u­ary Inten­sives: 11 – 15 Jan­u­ary (5 days) & 18 – 22 Jan­u­ary (5 days) — Enrol­ments open 14 Decem­ber 2020

Term 1: Sat­ur­day 6 Feb­ru­ary — Fri­day 9 April (9 weeks) — Enrol­ments open 25 Jan­u­ary 2021

Term 2: Mon­day 19 April — Sat­ur­day 26 June (10 weeks) — Enrol­ments open 12 April 2021

July Inten­sive: 5 – 9 July (5 days) & 12 – 16 July (5 days) — Enrol­ments open 21 June 2021

Term 3: Mon­day 19 July – Sat­ur­day 25 Sep­tem­ber (10 weeks) — Enrol­ments open 12 July 2021

Octo­ber Inten­sive: 4 – 8 Octo­ber (5 days) — Enrol­ments open 20 Sep­tem­ber 2021

Term 4: Mon­day 11 Octo­ber — Sat­ur­day 11 Decem­ber (9 weeks) — Enrol­ments open 4 Octo­ber 2021

How to Book Learn to Swim Online

If you have pre­vi­ous­ly had stu­dents enrolled in our Learn to Swim pro­gram you can now enrol online!

If you have a new stu­dent you will need to book at the Cen­tre or over the phone.

Impor­tant things to note when book­ing online: 

  • Pay­ment must be made upfront
  • Vouch­ers must be added to your account BEFORE try­ing to enrol online. To do this please email them though to 
    [email protected]​asalc.​com.​au so they can be added pri­or to enrol­ments opening
  • You can­not enrol before the enrol­ment date (see above for dates)

If If for any rea­son you are hav­ing dif­fi­cul­ty book­ing online please call the Cen­tre imme­di­ate­ly on 8950 4360 so you don’t miss out. 

How to Access Online Book­ing Portal

  1. Click HERE to be tak­en to the login page
  2. User­name = email address linked to your fam­i­ly account
  3. Default Pass­word = ASALC1 (After your first log in you will be required to change your password.)
  4. Click on the CLASS­ES” tab at the top of the portal
  5. In this tab you should be able to view all lev­els that are avail­able for stu­dents linked to your fam­i­ly account.

Pro­gram Fees

Pro­gram fees are paid upfront at the time of book­ing as per the pro­gram poli­cies. Fees vary from pro­gram to pro­gram depend­ing on the num­ber of lessons.

Group Les­son — $18.40/lesson — 30 – 45 minutes

Pri­vate Les­son — $39.80 — 45 minutes


Dis­counts apply to fam­i­lies with 2 or more chil­dren. Sec­ond child will receive a 5% dis­count and third or chil­dren there­after will receive a 10% dis­count off the term fees.


$100 School Sport Vouch­er – Avail­able for chil­dren enrolled in school in Alice Springs. These vouch­ers are issued in Jan­u­ary & July and must be applied for. Reg­is­ter HERE

Water Safe­ty Aware­ness Pro­gram Vouch­er (WSAP) – Avail­able for chil­dren under 5 years. These vouch­ers are val­ued at $50. Reg­is­ter HERE

$100 Learn to Swim Vouch­er – Avail­able for chil­dren under 5 years, who have com­plet­ed the WSAP pro­gram and are not attend­ing pre-school. Reg­is­ter HERE