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Think. Breathe. Act: Adult Acting Workshops

Feb. 9th - Feb. 23rd 2020
Red Hot Arts
$110 for 3 series workshop or $40 each
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Tickets available at: A workshop series for adults comprising of 3 sessions over 3 weeks progressing weekly through the fundamentals of monologue text analysis, acting for stage, and audition preparation. Over the course of 3 workshops over 3 weeks, actors will cover the fundamentals of acting and monologue preparation. Once registered, you will select one monologue from the list provided by email. We will workshop this monologue over the course of two weeks, culminating in a presentation during the 3rd and final class. The workshops inspire teachings from Stanislavski, Laban and Suzuki and embody elements of each to assist actors to analyse, rehearse and perform. We will also focus on the importance breath has during performance, and the role it plays in decision making and movements on stage. Week One The actors body in the space, the breath of the actor and moving on impulse Text analyse including given circumstances, essential action, obstacle, tactics, and stakes Rehearsal Techniques Week Two Physicalising in the space,  giving shape to your monologue Exploring Laban and the ways of human movement Workshopping on the floor and finding truth and emotion Week Three Audition tips, creating your own work and acting for theatre Think. Breathe. Act. Performance of prepared monologues and feedback The workshop is a series and progress through stages from week one to week three. It is recommended that you begin the workshops at week one and work through, however you are able to purchase separately if you not able to make all. Prior experience in acting or performance is not necessary. This series is designed for actors at any level with a desire to explore text analysis, voice work and the fundamentals of acting. If you have any physical injury please let me know immediately prior to class.