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Mummy's Wish Fundraiser

Oct 16th 2021, 8:30am - 9:00am
Anzac Hill
None - donations welcomed for Mummy's Wish
Contact Details:
Benita Bittner - Phone: 0400 282 521

Support June Bittner as she takes a hike for Mummy’s Wish and support mums with cancer! Many of you have probably had the pleasure of meeting my mum at some stage, she’s lived in Alice Springs for just over 46 years. She met and married my father Trevor (now deceased) and raised my sister Annette and I here. Annette was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer in 2017. Throughout her cancer treatment, Annette was supported by a charity called Mummy’s Wish who help 1000’s of women each year by providing practical support for mums with cancer such as house cleaning, recordable teddy bears for kids, care packages, meals and much more. During her remission, to celebrate being healthy again and to raise support for Mummy’s Wish, Annette hiked Walsh’s Pyramid in Cairns. Not an easy feat for people who are fit let alone someone recovering from cancer. Annette raised over $3,000 in less than a week! Devastatingly her cancer returned 4 weeks after her hike and she passed away 3 months later. Mummy's Wish were so moved by Annette's story and courage they have made Annette's Pyramid hike a national 'Take a hike for Mummy's Wish' fundraiser - encouraging people around Australia during the month of October to take steps in memory of those lost, take steps in celebration of those who have survived, and take steps to support the families and children who have been left behind (link in the comments). This is why June is taking herself on a hike up ANZAC Hill. She has started practicing already so if you see her and wonder why a senior citizen is walking up the Hill she is raising money for a charity that supported her daughter. I know she would love and appreciate any support whether it be a financial donation, putting the poster in the work lunchroom or writing an encouraging comment (she is not on FB but I will let her know). CrowdRaiser link is: