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Kodivine album & Crystal Robins EP launch - Desert Festival

Sep 30th 2021, 7:00pm - 10:00pm
The Jump Inn
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desert Festival -

A two in one femme fantastic! An energy packed combination of jazz-funk influenced Kodivine and indie-folk, alt-country infused Crystal Robins. After the roaring bushfires and ruins of 2020, Kodivine is finally ready to release her long-postponed album Get Free. Get Free is an exploration of liberation, through embodied expression of disorganised love-chaos! Darwin songwriter Crystal Robins launches her debut EP Wildfire in Alice Springs, performed live with the help of a full band of NT musicians. Crystal's original songs showcase her own style of indie-folk with an alt-country twist, with sweet harmonies and relatable lyrics, drawing on her diverse musical experiences over the years. Kodivine album and Crystal Robins EP launch The Jump Inn Thursday 30th September - 7pm