New Library Management System

Your New Library Management System!

The New Library System is live! 

Our new web catalogue address is Don't forget to bookmark it!

Existing members will have new passwords. Your new password will be the last 3 digits of your library barcode, followed by the first 3 characters of your surname in CAPITAL LETTERS. For example, if John Smith's card no. is 000758246, then his password will be 246SMI. If you wish, you can change this password after logging in. Alternatively, click here to reset you password at any time.


Our previous Library Management System was over 16 years old.

The Northern Territory Library, together with Alice Springs Public Library, has delivered a new library management system across the Territory from mid-2016, providing you with a simpler and smarter library experience!

This library system provides a host of new benefits to Library staff and customers, including:

  • An enhanced online catalogue, with better support for accessing the library from smartphones and tablets
  • More and better options for managing your library account, including reserving and renewing items from home
  • The ability to reserve items from other Northern Territory libraries without help from library staff
  • The ability to keep personalised lists of books that you have and are hoping to read, linked to your library membership
  • Improved access to Library ebooks, audiobooks and reference services
  • Greater reliability with less service outages
  • Faster adoption of new features and services

For more information about this library system, the consent gathering process, storage of your membership information and more, download our full-length FAQ document by clicking here. Alternatively, if you have any questions, please feel free to call the Library at (08) 8950 0555.