Council Fees

Burial Fees

Code Title Fee GST Inclusive
308 145mm x 115mm (8 lines of text) & includes installation $260.00 Yes
309 280mm x 380mm (8 lines of text) $589.00 Yes
313 305mm x 230mm (8 lines of text) $395.00 Yes
314 Extra lines of text for Plaque - Per line $15.00 Yes
26 Burial Fees Not applicable
320 Adult - Plot $1,694.50 Yes
321 Adult - Burial Fee 1st or 2nd Interment $1,052.50 Yes
310 Additional Interment (Excludes Plaque) $350.00 Yes
322 1st Interment with Standard Plaque $1,025.00 Yes

Burial Fees, Other Charges

Code Title Fee GST Inclusive
3 Interstate Undertaker's License funerals - Annual licence fee (A prescribed fee under Cemeteries Act Regulation 13(2)) $433.00 Yes
Council research services - complex per hour - minimum 1 hour $49.00 Yes
317 Undertaker's Licence to conduct funerals $10.00 Not applicable
37 Replacement of an Exclusive Right of Burial Certificate $0.50 Not applicable
315 Out of Hours Service. Per hour, minimum 4 hours. (2 Staff) $800.00 Yes
318 Interstate Undertaker's Licence to conduct funeral - Annual licence fee $480.00 Yes
13 Exclusive Right of Burial Certificate Application fee $10.00 Not applicable
325 Exclusive Right of Burial Administration fee $104.50 Not applicable
319 Council Exhumation Fee - Niche Wall / Rose Garden $186.00 Yes
326 Council Exhumation Fee $3,700.00 Yes
173 Headstone Application Fee Including Permit $104.50 Yes
316 Hire of Chapel - (Up to 4 Hours) $400.00 Yes

Electronic Payments

Code Title Fee GST Inclusive
312 All payments made by credit\debit card No charge Yes
312 Fee for tracing of bank transaction At cost Yes

Shopping Trolleys

Code Title Fee GST Inclusive
98 To release an impounded Shopping Trolley $161.50 Not applicable

Development Assessment Fees

Code Title Fee GST Inclusive
49 Development Assessment Fee - planning scheme amendments, exceptional development permits, permit variations, alteration permits, change of use, extant permit extensions and for the assessment of amended design drawings. Fee per hour Not applicable