Alice Springs Kennel and Dog Sports Club Inc

Alice Springs Kennel Club Inc. was founded in 1967 to encourage pure bred dog showing and breeding in Alice Springs. Recently we changed our name to Alice Springs Kennel & Dog Sports Club Inc. and broadened our focus. We offer basic obedience and dog sports to all registered dogs and their owners, regardless of the dog\\'s breed status. All dogs will have to pass basic obedience before they can progress to Dog Sports as these activities are done off lead. Alice Springs Kennel & Dog Sports Club Inc. believes this will encourage responsible dog ownership and healthy outdoor activities for dogs and their owners. The dog sports that the club hopes to offer include basic agility, earth dog, luring and possibly dog dancing (to name just a few). ASK&DSC Inc also encourages the Junior Dog Handling class and was the first club in Australia to offer the Neuter Class for Challenge points. This class encourages pure dog breeders the continued showing life of their neuter their dogs. Dog training classes are held every Monday night with new member intake between 6.30-6.45pm will classes commencing at 7pm. Classes will be conducted on Monday & Wednesday (for more advanced members) nights. If you are looking to purchase a pure bred dog please contact the Club as we have many members who are registered breeders who are members of the NT Canine Controlling Body. The Club promotes responsible dog ownership and breeding. We are here to support the wider Alice Springs Community.

Facebook: Alice Springs Kennel & Dog Sports Club Inc.
Facebook: Alice Springs Kennel Club Inc

Blatherskite Park, Len Kittle Drive
0424 788 382