Council's Rewards page has been designed to assist the community in reporting rock throwing, graffiti or vandalism in Alice Springs.

Report Rock Throwing

As resolved at the September 2010 Ordinary Council meeting, Alice Springs Town Council will put up a $2000 cash reward for information that leads to the conviction or diversion of a person who has committed an offense by throwing an object causing major damage.

If you have any information please contact the Director of Corporate and Community Services or the Ranger Unit Manager on 8950 0500.

Report Graffiti or Vandalism

You can notify Council of graffiti by filling out the notification form below or by calling the phone number below during business hours. For more urgent notification reports can be made to the Alice Springs Town Council's 24 hours phone service or the Alice Springs Police on the numbers below.

Reports lodged over the weekend will be attended to on Monday, or the next working day. Items deemed vulgar or offensive should be reported to the 24 hours phone service for urgent removal. In these circumstances, if the offence has been committed to property other than Council's, a spot-only paint service to the affected area will be provided. It is the responsibility of the owners of the property to repaint the affected area back to its original condition.

Please fill out the form below to report graffiti or vandalism. Through this reporting process, Council will review all reports and pass on information to the appropriate areas.

PLEASE NOTE: Legal action will be taken against any person/s reported or photographed in the act of vandalising or producing graffiti to public property.

Alice Springs Town Council, NT Government and Power and Water offer $500 each towards a total $1500 reward to those who can assist Police in the conviction of a person who has committed an offense of vandalism or graffiti.

Council calls on the Alice Springs community to put an end to anti-social behaviour and help in the maintenance of a safe and beautiful town.

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