25m Indoor Pool Works

Update: 9:00am 1st August 2017

On Monday July 31, the indoor 25 metre pool at Alice Springs Aquatic and Leisure Centre was reopened for public use. To celebrate, Saturday 5 August will be a day of free entry at Alice Springs Aquatic and Leisure Centre.


Update: 4:00pm 26th July 2017

From the morning of Monday 24th July, Alice Springs Aquatic and Leisure Centre staff began refilling the indoor 25 metre lap pool. The gradual refilling is expected to be completed by the end of this week. After the pool water has been treated and tested, the pool will reopen for public use, expected to take place mid-next week.

Alice Springs Town Council greatly appreciates the patience of the community during the repair of this important community asset.



Update: 11:00am 17th July 2017

The painting of the indoor 25 metre pool has now been completed. This marks a milestone in the work to reccommision this facility.

The remaining work to reopen this pool is as follows:

  • Allowing time for the paint to cure.
  • Refilling and testing pool water to ensure suitability for leisure.

As fumes from painting work are no longer a concern, the indoor leisure centre is now permenantly reopened for public enjoyment. Term three programs and lessons will be able to occur as usual in the indoor leisure pool.


 Update: 9:00am 12th May 2017

Works to reopen the indoor 25m pool are now underway. To make the pool available as rapidly as possible, the tiles on the pool floor will be replaced with a paint coating. 

The following timeline has been established:

  • Monday 8th May 2017: Commencement of tile removal and preparation of surface for painting.
  • Monday 22nd May 2017: Commencement of paint application on pool floor.
  • After allowing time for paint to cure, the pool will gradually be refilled with water, chemically treating and testing the water prior to public use.

The 25 metre indoor pool is expected to be reopened for public use in July 2017. We appreciate your ongoing patience in this matter.


Update: 2:00pm 26th April 2017

We are pleased to be able to inform the public that the outdoor 50 metre pool is now heated and equipped with thermal pool covers. This pool is now operating at comfortable temperatures for regular use in cooler weather (approximately 30°C as of today).


Update: 2:00pm 7th April 2017

We would like to thank the community for their patience as we address issues with the indoor 25 metre pool, which has sustained significant tile damage. Council has been active in engaging and consulting with independant specialists to ensure the damage is repaired comprehensively. 

Our most important priority at Alice Springs Aquatic and Leisure Centre is the personal safety, health, wellbeing and enjoyment of Centre users. However given the scope and size of the pool assessment and subsequent repair works, this investigative approach is still continuing. 

During the interim period, Alice Springs Town Council has purchased thermal pool covers and new rollers, for the outdoor fifty metre pool. Further, Council is also working to recommission a boiler to heat the outdoor fifty metre pool. These measures will extend the outdoor pool season, making it suitable for activities even as the weather cools.

As soon as Council receives conclusive feedback from engineers, we will be releasing information and a timeline of repairs for the general public. 


Original Update: 3:00pm 16th December 2016

Please be advised that the 25 metre indoor pool is closed for remedial work.

A date for completion of works will be communicated, as soon as it is known.

Alice Springs Aquatic and Leisure Centre apologises for any inconvenience. We are doing all we possibly can to minimise the impact on pool users and to ensure works are completed as rapidly as possible.

Five other pools will continue to be available for the enjoyment and use of customers, including the 50 metre outdoor pool, for lap swimmers.



Friday, May 12, 2017 - 09:00