Cat Survey Results

Posted on 19 Jun, 2017

In April 2017, Coun­cil con­duct­ed a sur­vey regard­ing the the com­mu­ni­ty’s knowl­edge of cats, cat own­er­ship, and the effect of cats on wildlife. This was part of the Roam­ing Cat Pre­ven­tion Project’, togeth­er with a com­mu­ni­ty aware­ness campaign.

The sur­vey was con­duct­ed pri­or to the begin­ning of the aware­ness cam­paign. The sur­vey recieved 358 respons­es in three weeks, uncov­ered an inter­est­ing set of knowl­edge and opin­ions in Alice Springs’ com­mu­ni­ty. Key find­ings from the report included:

  • Only 16% of respon­dents were aware of the need to keep cats with­in the home bound­ary at night
  • Only 11% of respon­dents were aware of the need to keep cats with­in the home bound­ary dur­ing the day
  • 88% of respon­dents cared about the issue of pre­da­tion by cats on native wildlife
  • 95% of respon­dents have had some­one else’s cat enter their yard
  • 37% of respon­dents allow their cats to roam (but even more peo­ple respond­ed to the sub­se­quent ques­tion about how far their cats roam)

Cat own­ers in Alice Springs are legal­ly required to:

  • Reg­is­ter their cat with Alice Springs Town Council
  • Keep their cat with­in the prop­er­ty bound­aries at all hours, dur­ing both day and night

Desex­ing is not manda­to­ry, but is encour­aged, and enti­tles you to dis­count­ed reg­is­tra­tion fees.

Click here to down­load the full report dis­cussing the sur­vey results.