One of Council's key functions is to assist in ensuring that out community lives together in peace and harmony. Council makes local laws to assist in achieving this goal.

Local laws may be made in response to changes in State/Federal Law or in consultation with the community, based on local needs.

Council's authorised officer's educate the community about the various Territory and local laws administered by Council, and promote compliance with them so our city continues to be a pleasant place to live, work and visit

Local Laws & Permits
Activities in parks, Todd Mall, advertising signs, busking, festivals, El fresco dining, merchandise on footpaths, mini skips, permits & fees, roadside vending, street stalls and more...

Residential Amenity
Alcohol in public places, derelict/unsightly premises, noise in a public place, noxious weeds on private property, and more...

Parking Enforcement & Traffic
Abandoned vehicles, parking infringements, infringement appeals, parking restrictions, parking permits, heavy/long vehicle parking and more...

Law for Animal Owners
Confining you pet, keeping of animals, animal complaints, animal numbers and excess animals, barking dogs... and more


The Council exercises animal management powers under the following acts, regulations and by-laws:

  • Alice Springs (Animal Control) By-Laws
  • Alice Springs (Control of Public Places) By-Laws
  • Alice Springs (Todd Mall) By-Laws
  • Animal Welfare Act
  • Public Health (General Sanitation, Mosquito Prevention, Rat Exclusion and Prevention) regulations

To view these acts and regulations click here .

You need written permission from Council to keep any farm animals, other than birds, in urban areas.

You may need permission from the Parks and Wildlife Commission to keep any native animals captive.

Pets on Parade

The Alice Springs Town Council Rangers Unit holds an annual parade down Todd Mall for pets and their owners.

Fancy dress is encouraged for all involved, and there are prizes for the best costumes. See our Special Events page for the event date and contact details.

The RSPCA Animal Pound

Unregistered dogs, cats and other animals at large are taken to the Animal Pound as the southern end of Len Kittle Drive next to Blatherskite Park. The Pound is managed by the Alice Springs RSPCA on behalf of the Council

Alice Springs Town Council Rangers make every effort to locate the owners of registered animals rather than take the dog to the Pound. An infringement notice may still be issued for ‘an animal at large’ if it is returned to the owner.

Unclaimed or unwanted dogs and cats may be sold or euthanased if held at the Pound for longer than 48 hours. If your animal is impounded, you must pay the Pound Release and Maintenance Fees.

Official Pound Hours

Monday to Friday 11am - 6pm
Saturday 9am - 12 noon
Sunday/Public Holidays Closed

Phone: 8953 4430
Emergencies only: 04 0761 4875

Lost Animals

If you have lost your animal, contact:

The RSPCA Pound
Lot 5803 Len Kittle Drive
Phone 8953 4430;


Administration Officer, Rangers Unit
Alice Springs Town Council
93 Todd Street
Phone 8950 0500

Injured Wildlife

If you discover injured wildlife you can ring Wildcare Alice Springs on 0419 221128.


The Alice Springs Reptile Centre has the government contract to remove snakes and other reptiles from dwellings in the Alice Springs area. They can be contacted via the 'Snakephone' seven days a week on 0407 983 276. If your call is answered by an answering machine, leave your name and number and the Centre will ring you straight back – they are probably answering another call.

If you see a snake in your yard or home keep about 10 metres away from it, ring us and WATCH it so
that you know where it is when the Centre staff get there.

  • Snakes love going for a swim, so check your pool and skimmer box before jumping in.
  • Snakes are also attracted to bird aviaries due to all the seed lying around which brings the mice in. The easiest thing to do to prevent this is to cement or pave the bottom of the aviary and keep it as clean as possible.
  • Snakes love rubbish and overgrown areas, so if you have tin lying around keep it stacked off the ground on bessa bricks. Keep the yard tidy, remove excess build up of leaves etc, and mow the grass.
  • To stop snakes from coming in the house attach weather strips to the bottom of the doors and keep sliding doors closed or just close the mesh door, otherwise you may yourself with an unexpected visitor!

And remember if you see a snake, keep away, ring the Snakephone 0407 983 276 and watch it so you know where it is when the removal service arrives.