Make the Move to Alice Springs


Are you a mature aged worker looking to postpone retirement and remain in the workforce? Or parents who want to give your family a once in a lifetime experience by living in the Outback for a few years? A university graduate looking for a different taste of life in both work and play?

Why not make the change and head to the heart of Australia, to Alice Springs? Escape the rat race, discover new places, new adventures and maybe even meet friends for life.

Alice is a vibrant and exciting alternative to the grind of everyday life, where jobs abound and exciting experiences appear every day. Our relaxed lifestyle applies to all areas of your life – family, leisure and work. No traffic jams. No commute. Best of all, unemployment is at an all-time low so you’ll be able to take your pick of all the jobs available.

Moving to Alice will give you and your family experiences you won’t find anywhere else in Australia. Take a one or two year lifestyle break and make memories you and your family will never forget.