Alice Springs Community Services

Alice Springs Town Council prides itself in offering a high standard of services to the community. We focus on the creation and maintenance of a beautiful and sustainable Alice Springs for everyone. Whilst Council continues to effectively manage the day to day operations in an efficient and proactive manner, Council also remains dedicated to thinking environmentally and paving a bright future for Alice Springs and its residents.

There are many services offered by Alice Springs Town Council and they include:

Technical Services

The Technical Service team encompasses capital works and the maintenance of our town’s facilities, roads, parks and gardens. The maintenance of our sporting facilities is necessary for the enjoyment of the whole community. A yearly maintenance schedule is required to enable sporting facilities to be adequate and available for residents to enjoy.


The Council manages many successful community events held though out the year. Such events as the Night Markets, the Todd River Tucker and Christmas Carnival are always popular with our residents. Alice Springs Town Council provides fundamental support to a number of valuable local events through funding and in-kind support. These events include Alice Desert Festival, Alice Springs Show, Henley-on-Todd and the Finke Desert Race.

Rangers – Town Camp Dog Strategy

A grant was received by the Alice Springs Town Council from the Federal Government to implement dog control in the Town Camps. This grant has enabled two full time Rangers, a vehicle and equipment to be applied on a full time basis to this program. This program involves liaising with town camp residents and Tangentyere health officers, utilisation of local vets in promoting dog registration, micro chipping for ID, and sterilization. Effective enforcement of a 2 dog per household policy has limited the amount of dogs that can be kept. This program is considered extremely successful and work is ongoing. The residents of the Town Camps have been very positive towards the program.

Community Development

Our Community Development team works hard to cultivate and deliver many exciting community based initiatives such as the annual Mayoral Awards, youth & seniors groups’ projects plus community assistance and access grants schemes.

Public Art

The Town Councils Gathering Garden and Alice Springs Aquatic Centre’s Public Art projects are examples of Council’s commitment to Public Art. Council has pledged up to 2% of the value of capital works on relative Council projects to be spent on public art. The Gathering Garden was the inaugural public art project developed by Council since it adopted its Public Art Policy in 2006 and formation of the Public Art Advisory Committee in 2007.