Akaltye Antheme Collection

Akaltye Antheme (pronounced ‘aculcha andum’) is a local knowledge collection intended to give the whole community an insight into contemporary Indigenous issues while addressing appropriately the needs of Indigenous family groups and individuals using the library. Akaltye Antheme is an Arrernte term meaning ‘Giving Knowledge’. It was given by Lhere Artepe, the Alice Springs native title holders' organisation, to describe the purpose and content of this library initiative.

A survey in 2002 showed that Indigenous patrons represented 30% of library use: 604 aboriginal people visited over 4 days. Two hundred and ninety-eight of these people were from remote communities.

In response the Library created an area and a collection that accommodates Indigenous group, family and individual use. The area offers a recreational reading space, access to information, and to learning and communication technology. The collection includes magazines, photostories about community activities and cultural life, as well as a small number of commercially published books. Further, it includes a number of computers with specific links to content of interest to Indigenous people, and the Central Land Council's cultural photo archive called Ara Irititja.

Generally these items cater for the English language literacy skills of their indigenous audience; and provide information about health, land management, education, the work of local organisations and community activities. Resources also include information about indigenous activity throughout the rest of the country.

The area is also designed to provide patrons with basic skills for accessing the library’s main collections of fiction, non-fiction and other resources.

Additional information:

All materials in the collection are not for loan. Patrons are welcome to browse and read in the Akaltye Antheme area or elsewhere in the library.

For further information, please contact Special Collections Librarian, Kathryn Bailey on 08 8950 0507; Indigenous Services Officer, Felicity Thorne on 08 8950 0508; or email library@astc.nt.gov.au